PhD position in Experimental Geosciences

Marie-Curie Initial Training Network ABYSS (ESR6)

Training network on reactive geological systems from the mantle to the abyssal sub-seafloor

Host institution: Geoscience Department, University of Bremen (Germany) / Secondment institutions: Géosciences Montpellier (CNRS, France), Nordic Mining ASA (Norway)

The department of Geosciences at the University of Bremen seeks to appoint a PhD student for a research project in petrology and geochemistry. The successful applicant will use experimental techniques and numerical models to investigate replacive formation of sulfide in hydrothermal discharge zone.

Methods: Hydrothermal flow-through experiments, µ-CT and electron microscopy, aqueous geochemistry, thermodynamic computations, numerical models of coupled reaction and flow

Goals: Understand the couplings between reaction and permeability evolution in reactive water-rock systems, specifically the replacement of anhydrite by sulfide

Requirements: Candidate must hold an MSc in Earth Sciences or a related discipline in physical sciences. Experience in either hydrological modeling or petrological and geochemical techniques is advantageous.

This fellowship is for a period of 36 months starting no later than October 1, 2014.

For further information, contact: Wolfgang Bach (

This position has been filled