Project overview

ABYSS is a training and career development network for young scientists in Geodynamics, Mineralogy, Hydrodynamics, Thermodynamics and (Bio-) Geochemistry focusing on mid-ocean ridge processes and their environmental and economic impacts. It brings together 10 European research groups and 4 Associated Partners from the Private Sector.

This four year European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme Marie Curie Initial Training Network started on March 1, 2014. It will provide training for 12 Early Stage Researchers (PhD) and 3 Experienced Researchers (Post-doc).

The primary objectives of ABYSS are:

  1. to train 12 PhD and 3 Post-doc in state of-the-art concepts and leading-edge research techniques, combining laboratory experiments, field measurements, analytical techniques, and modelling, with a strong focus on the acquisition of inter-disciplinary knowledge that are essential to study the behaviour of complex natural systems, while providing them strong career-management skills and solid professional connections;
  2. to advance knowledge on the processes that drive the formation of the oceanic lithosphere at mid-ocean ridges and its early alteration, and the linkages between these magmatic and hydrothermal processes and their impact on deep sea natural resources and the development of life, through a structured, interdisciplinary and extensive programme of collaboration and student exchange. The ABYSS research programme is organized into Individual Research Projects designed to address well defined scientific problems, each project providing a training position;
  3. to increase the impact and international visibility of European research in Geodynamics and Marine Geosciences, in particular with regards to the general public, media and policy-makers, by promoting young scientist-driven outreach projects and by structuring the research training, dissemination and outreach capacities via the establishment of a long-term collaboration and synergy between fundamental research institutions and private sector partners .

ABYSS will provide Europe with a network of young scientists who will share a common culture and approach, able to address the scientific challenges rising from the ever-growing interest in deep sea resources and the need for developing pertinent policies at the European and international level for responsible use of deep-sea systems.